From May to December, every Friday we open the doors to our very funky Warehouse Cocktail bar. So it's time you visited Camp and enjoyed some incredible, hand-crafted cocktails and street-food provided by various, awesome, local Foodie Pop-Ups!


If you would like to join us to serve your street-food, please see below about how to join our rolling family of foodies. 

We keep our eco, slow-food, goodness ethos when it comes to the Warehouse Bar....we never serve disposable plastic (everything here tries to be plastic free), we  use organic & plant based milks for our coffee& teas, we host an awesome non-alcoholic cocktail menu, work with fair-trade drinks suppliers like Karma Cola, and local suppliers too. The Fire Pit family are made up of a mixture of plant-based, GF, sober-living, punk-rocking, hip-hopping food, drink & music lovers! 


If you are interested in joining Friday Pit Fridays and our community of suppliers and registered street-food vendor, please drop us an email to to arrange a meeting and to discuss your menu, we would love to see your social media and for us to collaborate! All your own insurances and food safety requirements must be held and valid, obvs!

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