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Hi! It's really important you read these Terms & Conditions before you Book, many thanks!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on 07717 315199 or 

Terms & Conditions 


THE FIRE PIT agree upon the hire of The Wren’s Nest and / or Camping Pitches in your own tents for your selected period for holiday accommodation/wedding/party/company away day/ and whilst in general we will leave you and your party in peace to enjoy your time here, we shall sometimes be on site, staffing the café and bar so it helps if you inform us of any important details of your stay and also take the time to read these notes.


The Lead Guests and entire booking party must take full responsibility for themselves and all children/other guests/external caterers/visitors that come onto site at all times and agree to ensure that these notes are made aware to all:


  • At no time may guests/visitors smoke in The Wren’s Nest, the bus or the shower/loo block (The Wren’s Nest is entirely made up of untreated timber and it’s organic structure means any ash could drop through gaps and be highly dangerous) – the stairs in The Wren’s Nest must be used like a ladder and may not be suitable for children, please supervise and don’t allow young children to go up or be up there alone.  The Gas Stove and Woodburner must be supervised by an adult and never left unattended.  No BBQs should ever be used or stored inside any structure/tent on site (or eleswhere!)


  • Children must be supervised at all times, the play areas are natural & wild, the bus and as you know The Wren’s Nest all have very steep stairs (and may not really be suitable or easy to use – please be mindful & careful) we also have a large, old, rustic oak swing that you mst use carefully and use at your own risk - be aware it may be in use when walking the site and you need to keep children out of it's range


  • The fire is to be properly and very safely used.  Please help stick to a great guideline that the last person using it will agree to check and make sure it’s extinguished before going to bed or leaving it. If it is to be left unattended please warn other campers.  Children must be supervised at all times, remember to keep the fire small, it’s a camp fire not a bon fire! No other fires elsewhere please, small BBQs are fine, never put them in your tent or too close to The Wren's Nest.  We recommend a bucket of water be kept by the fire in case of emergencies and that kneeling around a fire is safer then standing over it cooking marshmallows


  • Please no naked flames or sky lanterns, these are a fire hazard, particularly to tents. Please no glass in the fields, children play there, sometimes bare foot!

  • Please be are aware of the emergency routines, extinguishers, telephone numbers, meeting points and exits (we can help charge your phone for you, it’s good to have a charged mobile on you even when camping, for your days out and emergencies).  If there was a fire evacuate your tent immediately, leaving your belongings, raise the alarm to passing tents and ring the fire bell, meet at the safety point to call the emergency services.  Please keep tents at least 6m apart from each other


  • All guests will note that the staff areas around the drive, yurt, statics, warehouse and shed are out of bounds at all times - please don't go beyond the gate


  • Strictly no driving up the drive way, unless disabled access is required or for weddings and deliveries.  Please advise of any drop offs and access required


  • If having a party or music, this must be arranged with us please, any music and our bar must stop/close at the agreed time, age restrictions apply to the bar, naturally!  The bar has in place the proper licenses for alcohol and music

  • We understand campers and guests staying in The Wren’s Nest are entitled and expected to bring their own drinks and food, however we do ask that this is managed responsibly and there is naturally an awareness for other campers and children and if you or your party are using the concrete pad dining tables, or for music and dining we ask that only food & drink purchased from the bar is had there


  • We are Waste concious and ask Campers to be the same and even though we now provide Waste Facilities (a General Bin, a Glass Bin and a Recycing Bin) please bring your own bin bags to take all your waste to the Bin area (in the car park) separated clearly into the proper bins and general waste tied in sacks, the only way we can keep providing this service to all customers is if it's used properly, many thanks! If you are having a large Party here and too-much rubbish (not including that generated by the bar itself) is created, please note we don't offfer over-flow so we ask that you organise a trip to the local Recycling Waste Centre in Dereham


  • The Fire Pit guests and visitors agree to use the whole site peacefully and abide by customary standards of acceptable behaviour, The Fire Pit is in a quiet, residential area and the party are asked to be careful of noise and loud music particularly between the hours of 11pm – 8am and in the car park or when leaving


  • The Fire Pit Camp is completely, always pet free – please don’t ask to bring even quiet or well behaved animals – other guests may have organised pet care for their camping trip so we feel it would be unfair to allow another camper to bring their dog


  • We have 3 loos, one large for wheelchairs and baby changing, if you require a disabled loo that accommodates motorised wheel chairs please note this will need to be hired – please let us know


  • Only the Lead Booker and the stated Guests listed on the Booking Form are allowed on site over night.  Please let us know if you wish for extra guests, or day guests, thanks. Additional people staying is great, though we do have to charge additional fees for those extra guests; also having extra day guests is lovely and we welcome them, a small surcharge may be payable if over 8 day guests come

  • Campers and guests understand we may have the need and right to enter The Wren’s Nest to make any agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, deliveries (wood etc) or in case of an emergency


  • You can bring your own wood or buy it here at £8 per large sack & £4 for kindling


  • The café has random opening times, but we hope to serve your needs!


  • If you would love any day activities that need a private, sectioned off space, please let us know, we charge a small hourly rate to external companies coming in using the space, or if you would like amplified music this must be at the bar area, you can hire the Warehouse


Sorry there is some more… 



For The Wren’s Nest arrival from 3pm is great (unless otherwise arranged) and we have an 11am departure.  If exclusive hire is being taken this can be flexible.  Tents going up and down are flexible, depending on how busy the site may be, lets talk about it! 


Cancellations received within two months of the booking date will incur 50% of the booking total, within 1 month the full amount of the booking total 


The descriptions of the location and accommodation of The Wren’s Nest Bender Tent are provided in good faith but could sometimes subject to errors, omissions, prior bookings, change, withdrawal without notice


STATE OF THE PREMISES AND REPORTING OF ONSITE PROBLEMS - THE FIRE PIT & Wren’s Nest is not a typical tourist structure or hotel. Rather, it is a bespoke homemade structure made from Hazel tree branches, tarpaulins, rope and recycled timber pallets. The grounds are wild and natural and we harness a free, gentle, communal approach. The Wren’s Nest does not offer wheelchair accessible to the upper floor



To access the site, please park in the car park and walk up the path, we have a trolley to use for luggage and tents.   For disabled access please drive straight up the drive to park near the warehouse and we can assist you.  Our loo facilities and pathways are OK to use with help, but a motorised wheelchair or wheelchair can't get inside the Loo, sorry, we are currently fundraising to creat better facilities


Please inform THE FIRE PIT of any loss, damage, or other complaint, controversy, dispute or claim concerning the occupancy of The Wren’s Nest Bender Tent and common areas as soon as possible. THE FIRE PIT is not liable for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused by anything beyond its control 


Whoop! Nearly there!


Whilst we often do a rain dance, we can’t guarantee the weather either, so do remember you are camping and if it pours it down we will honestly try and help organise some cover on site.  It’s important to walk the site and ensure you are happy for your party to take responsibility for themselves and that the maximum liability that may be attributed to THE FIRE PIT for occurrences, damages or personal injuries, sustained or transpiring at or around THE FIRE PIT during the booking period, shall be limited to the amount advanced


We advise you to take a fully comprehensive, all risks, Travel Insurance and Personal Liability Insurance and thank you for fully understanding the nature of The Wren’s Nest Bender Tent, and it’s unusual structure and safety issues and the common areas

By Booking with us, you acknowledge you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions here and that THE FIRE PIT does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, or additional expenses incurred by the Lead Booker, guests or any member of the party regardless of the cause. THE FIRE PIT does not accept liability for any injury, death, loss, inconvenience or damage, alteration, delay or cancellation of the booking at all


By reading these and Ticking the Box on your Online Booking you are agreeing to the above, we can send them to you to return signed to us if you prefer.

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