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Starting this February, we're inviting you to go wildly into your wellness...

What's on!


Wild Wednesdays

Meeting each week at the Fire Pit Camp for a full body, hour long, friendly, fitness circuit based session - these classes for all abilities and will be personalised with Personal Trainer Oscar, warm up, circuits with some weights, stretch and cool down all tailored to you, finishing with a top quality vegan protein shake.  There will be time to chat about your fitness and wellness and nutrition.  The workout will be followed by the incredible warmth of the sauna and a guided session that perfectly supports and takes you into the cold plunge - this is for you if you're experienced or new and just curious about cold water therapy.  There will be super good food after to offer you the full package of wellness, exercise, rest and recovery with delicious veggie food. 

The six weeks will work and build to be transformative to your mental and physical wellbeing - strength, breathwork and mindset - here's to feeling amazing, connecting with others and upping the self-care. 

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