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Solstice &
yoga workshop 


Saturday 22nd June 2019

Goddess Yoga with 
Sandra Barnes

Sandra is a very open, free spirited yogini, who has been teaching Yoga in the UK for over 20 years, since she settled here to raise her 2 children, her best friends Sofia & Matias. After years of exploring & working in many places across the world. She is from Argentina & is often told her soothing voice & words from the heart cannot be forgotten.

She loves the path of love & light that Yoga can open up to people. Seeing the way it allows positive transformation in her students, & so many lives inspires her to keep on learning, exploring & sharing this ancient practise


Saturday 22nd June 2019 

Kundalini Yoga with
Tommy Legge

Risen from the ashes of addiction Tommy has moved himself beyond recovery into a spiritual free life.


Teaching Kundalini is his mission and humbly he runs a program guiding recovering addicts out of recovery to master their own lives and enjoy this precious gift of life! 

He is a bohemian advocate who takes looking after the planet very seriously, loves being lost in nature and uses each day to help serve the planet raising its universal consciousness. 


Saturday 22nd June 2019

Acro Yoga with 
Ben Futter 

Acroyoga is a practice that fuses acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. Working in partnership with fellow acroyogis, these practices combine to allow the creation of beautiful poses, flows and sequences. Acroyoga isn’t something you can practice on your own which means that community is at the heart of the acroyoga philosophy. Working with others you learn to develop trust, connection and openness In its most basic form there are three roles in acroyoga: • The base is on the bottom supporting the weight of the flyer. • The flyer is the one in the air. • The spotter has a number of roles but is primarily there to ensure the safety of the flyer and the base. Acroyoga is a rewarding activity with a rapid learning curve. The simplest of moves will produce huge smiles on the faces of beginners and create a desire to progress and develop

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