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Unassuming from the outside, magical inside...retreat and relax under the woven branches

No electricity, just solar lights. Lovely facilities, fridge, shower, loos and washing up area in the meadow. 



Our entirely handmade hazel bender-tent is called The Wren's Nest because a friendly wren nested and kept Matt company as he created it.  Matt is a partner here at The Fire Pit, married to Sarah and is a skilled craftsman and carpenter. He copiced and harvested the local hazel himself and built this magnificent dome like structure from an idea he had pictured in his mind.  The hazel branches are staked deep into the ground, bent over then carefully weaved together to make a dome.  The dome has then been covered in hessian, blankets and recycled tarps.  There is not one nail used in the hazel and the floor has been made from old pallets, broken up, perfectly fitted, sanded and waxed to complete the natural yet luxurious finish.  Inside up to 8 people can sleep in 5 real beds. 



Unassuming from the outside it is truly magical when you step inside.  Hazel has many wonderful properties and you can be guaranteed a great sleep under the network of interlocking branches that make up what we think is the most beautiful structure in Norfolk...and possibly the only rentable, 2 storey bender in the world?! 


Though it's a large, peaceful communal space made up of branches and timber, it has an incredibly soft, comfortable and warm atmosphere, which we believe comes from it's natural elements and organic shape, it's truly perfect for all occassions such as honeymoons to family get togethers, group gatherings and even acoustic music performances.   



  • A wood-burning fire (one fire load of logs is provided in the autumn/winter season, more can be bought when you arrive)

  • A small kitchen area/oak counter top and a tall boy which is home to a 2 ring gas stove (gas is supplied), matches, all your crockery & cutlery, a gas whistle kettle, a cafetiere, pots, pans (2 x frying, 4 x regular), 2 x chopping boards, knife block, glasses and even a vintage champagne cooler and flutes

  • There is no electricity, taps, running water inside just solar panels for light!  Your drinking water can be fetched up from the communal kitchen area outside, down by the fire pit and that is where your washing up is done too!  Please take away all your rubbish, thank you as there is no waste collection either! 

  • A cosy seating area inside around the fire, books & games and a small outside bbq with garden table & chairs

  • Real beds for 4!  Downstairs in the main room are two singles if needed and on the mezzanine is the master double

  •  Please never smoke in or near The Nest or leave the fire/stove unattended, we don't use fire retardant materials or sprays as we don't want you to sleep in a chemical nest, so we do ask that you are careful with the stoves, never leave them unattended and please do not use candles, sky lanterns or incense.  We have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector inside


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